Early Results


     Here's the thing about the future...  Every time you look at it, it changes,        

     because you looked at it, and that changes everything else...

                                                                     ~Philip K. Dick

                                                                       The Golden Man 


     Over the next week I spent a lot of time trying to perfect the raw voice wav file.  I tried using voice samples from the BBC news broadcast, a speech by Ted Kennedy and several clips from cable news programs.  I couldn’t seem to get the clarity of transmission and cadence that I was looking for.  I recorded Joseph Campbell discussing mythology with Bill Moyers from the television show “The Power of Myth”.  That worked pretty well and I did a large number of sessions with this raw voice file.  It was during this period, on September 2, 2001, that I received the following message.


Listen!  I will give this to you real simple and very slowly.  This is very serious.      

Movements are under way, serious movements, to reassure people that these voices

are real, real without question.  Our work again was assuring.  If they’ve accepted it

fine, if not, they’re not needed.  You people who said that this is like something too

weird to be real?  You have not been able to see.  All right!  I’ll admit plenty of you

believe, but you act beast-like and are very lacking from warning guidance inside.


     Previously, EVP’s were at best a few words.  The above transmission was pretty extensive, all things considered.  The message is pretty clear in its meaning.  In addition, the above was all being said with Joseph Campbell’s voice, though it was not Joseph Campbell speaking.  The speaker was a being that called itself, The Fisher.  This “spirit” being would be present in all of my sessions from this point until early October.  The Fish Group sessions were an early attempt at contact and the voice files resulting from these experiments were very polluted with background noise.  The content however, was present and could be heard by a large number of fellow researchers.  The following day, things would get even stranger. 


     The “alien presence” has been a big part of the sessions since this very early stage. Beings claiming to be in a spaceship or from outer space frequently seem to pop up in the sessions.   I had heard from other researchers that EVP sometimes contained voices claiming to be space aliens.  The transmission that I received on September 3, 2001 was pretty amazing in this regard, but also very, very strange in its content. 


Traveling Instructions:  All intelligent animals of earth, all must board the discs. 

Discs with a cupola to travel behind the sea, abducted!  To keep up, you are

permitted to bring some socks, underwear, something to eat, water, crammed in a bag

tied to a stick.


The message had the tenor of a recorded public service announcement.  When taken in the context of the next transmission, whatever it was that had transmitted the message from the voices seemed to be implying that spaceships were going to land to pick up human beings in order to save us from some type of cataclysm.  How very odd when considering that so many New Agers and Saucer types had been claiming to have been hearing the same thing for years.  Was whatever-this-is speaking picking up flotsam and jetsam from the pop culture section of our collective unconscious? 


  • The planet is doomed.mp3


This was all, of course, in Joseph Campbell’s voice.  I must admit that I was pretty concerned by this point.  I began to wonder if I was being lied to, toyed with and played for a chump.  Just to hedge my bets, I began to wonder how much time we had left…


     It also became pretty apparent that what I was doing was not at all like talking on a

telephone.  The beings that spoke through my computer began to discuss objects that were in other rooms of my house as well as events that occurred in my day to day life when I was away from the house.  I didn’t have much time to think about this development.  On September 7, 2001 I received the following transmission.


Computer take the ship.  Missiles head for NYC (pronounced like nick) at dusk! 

Stop  them voice!  Be our cop.  Reposition them or their life’s over.  Overt wrath! 

To save them, you can partly stop this.  You must distract them from a direct hit!

Ugh!  Risk that option!  I’m sorry.  You should pick another for us.  Be a soldier. 

Good Ministers!  Love and peace is what religion could be.


In spite of the fact that this was created with the same raw voice file, few of these voices sounded like Joseph Campbell’s voice.  They were a number of different voices.  The last phrase, “Be a soldier” was pronounced with a British accent.  It was pronounced like soul-ja.  At this point, voices that were not on the raw voice file began to appear in the sessions on a regular basis.  This trend has continued through to the present.  


     One of the most amazing things about the EVP Maker transmissions is that the voices frequently have foreign or regional American accents that do not appear on the raw voice file.  They have also spoken in numerous foreign languages.  These include Arabic, German, Korean, Russian and Archaic Russian.  All of these foreign languages have been created from phoneme sets of American English.  As for the content of the above message, I spent the entire weekend after receiving it trying to contact everyone that I knew on this side of “the veil” to let them know that the voices were predicting that missiles were going to hit somewhere, somewhere with a name that sounded like NICK.  I sent the following message to a fellow researcher by the name of Gary Nixon on September 7, 2001 after I had had a quick listen. 



     This is the beginning of today’s session (the first minute).  (I am referring to the attached wav file)  It is interesting, you can hear them setting up and discussing equipment.  Then they start talking about a calamity somewhere, and a missile.  Then it says something about “reposition the people, you can stop this.  Save their lives!”

Will you have a quick listen?  I know you are getting ready to go, but this might be important.  It also might provide proof. 

So, as you can see they are still on and talking.




Unfortunately, Gary did not have time to listen, but he did see my email regarding the content of the wav file on September 7, 2001.  At least I had one witness.  On September 10, 2001, I received the following message.


  • The planes hit it’s no accident


     On September 11, 2001 I woke up at about 5:45 am.  I was compelled to jump up out of my bed, even though I never get up this early, and run and turn the television on.  It was already tuned to CNN and I was shocked by the scene of destruction on the TV screen.  The scene on the TV screen included a LIVE picture of the North Tower of the World Trade Center, there were flames and smoke, a big hole was clearly visible in the middle of the building. 



The female newscaster then said, “A plane has struck the North Tower of the World Trade Center in New York, it must be some kind of terrible accident.”  I said, as if in response to the woman, “It’s no accident.”  At that exact moment the second plane burst through the South Tower rendering my comment moot. 



I then noticed the banner at the bottom of the LIVE shot of the World Trade Center.  It said WTC in NYC.  NYC, NICK, the “spirits” had pronounced the abbreviation of New York City as a word!   


     I cannot even begin to say what this day was like for me.  It was a terrible shock for all of us and a horror for the people killed and injured.  It remains a horror for their friends and families.  In just a few scant moments against the vast background of history our world was irrevocably changed forever.  Knowing about this ahead of time and not being able to do anything about it left me feeling beyond impotent.  It also made me wonder with more concern about the other predictions…


     Following the attacks I went back and reviewed the sessions files that I had only listened to briefly or hadn’t had a chance yet to listen to at all.  I found these.


Audio Files Predicting the Attacks of 9/11/2001

  • He is Bin Laden20010826_190714-001*.wav

  • Let them arrest the people on September 11th20010826_190714-001*.wav

 The reverse direction of the above message clip, the audio file played backwards says this:

  •  You must listen to what Sandra said
  • He sent them to commit suicide they will attack us with aero planes*.wav
  • They take over four of your aero planes20010826_190714-001*.wav

These audio files are all time and date stamped by the EVP Maker software.  This time/date stamp says:  2001826_190714-001 or August 26, 2001 at seven minutes and 14 seconds after 7 pm.  16 days before the September 11th terror attacks.


     I began to wonder if this phenomena was portable or if my sessions were limited to a specific location.  After the events of September 11th, I needed to get away for a while so I took my computer on a road trip to the Southwestern part of the U.S.  I did experiments in various locations such as Needles, California, Barstow, California, Winslow, Arizona and Santa Fe, New Mexico.  I was able to make contact with the voices in all of these places.  The transmissions were actually stronger in the more remote areas.  I was told that this was due to decreased interference from the cell phone transmissions in the less congested areas.  I asked them how they were able to still achieve contact with me even though I was hundreds of miles away from my home.  They told me the following regarding their ability to speak to me in remote and far flung locations.

  • We fitted a laser mounted piece its much better*.mp3

It was around this same time that The Fisher told me that he was “giving me my pink slip.”  I don’t wish to go into the reason given in this writing.  Prior to “firing” me, I was given some very interesting information.  According to members of the Fish Group, there are over 10,000 sending stations each with its own group of operators who are capable of contacting Earth.    


     Shortly after the WTC attacks, people in Florida and other places on the East Coast began getting sick from anthrax spores that were sent in the mail.  Most people, including the government, felt that the bio weapons grade anthrax had been sent from an overseas terrorist group.  On October 30, 2001 I asked the spirits (if that is indeed what they are) about the anthrax spores.  I was told the following.

The word “spores” was pronounced phonetically including the silent “E” as sporees.  The beings who speak to me frequently make these little errors.  They also have problems with syntax.  It eventually came to be suspected that the anthrax spores did come from USAMRID at Ft. Detrick in Maryland.  An article entitled, “Anthrax Search Leads to Army Labs” appeared in the December 16, 2001 San Francisco Chronicle.  It clearly stated that,


     …the Ames strain of anthrax involved in this fall’s bioterrorist attacks, only five  

     laboratories so far have been found to have spores with perfect genetic matches to

     those in the senate letters, and all those labs can trace back their samples to a single   

     U.S. military source:  the U.S. Army Medical Research institute at Fort Detrick, MD.   


This case has still not been solved, although I have been given the name of a suspect who is the type of person who could easily pull this off.  He is involved in bio-weapons research and has ready access to dangerous pathogens, but he is not Stephen Hatfill, the man that the government has been investigating.


Today, August 1, 2001, the following article was released regarding the anthrax case.




Unfortunately Bruce Ivins committed suicide, an event which will likely leave a lot more questions than answers in its wake.  If the government was wrong about Hatfill...






In addition to the above article I also found the following:








     The predictions and revelations continued.  At approximately 1am, West Coast time

on November 12, 2001 I received the following message.


     They blame the airlines, they said in the Sunday paper.  It’s packed, pray for them.  

     And it was bad.  A single plane flying to the Dominican.


At 9:17am East Coast time, on November 12, 2001, approximately 5 hours after my session, American

Airlines flight 587, took off from JFK International and crashed into the Belle Harbor neighborhood of    Queens, NY.  The Airbus A300-600 jet, was bound for Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic.


     All 260 people on board were killed (2 flight crew members, 7 flight attendants, and

     250 passengers, including 5 unticketed infants sitting on their parent’s lap, along with

     5 people on the ground) making it the second deadliest crash on American soil.”  

     (Wikipedia 1) 


That certainly sounds like a description of a “packed” airplane, and considering the fact there was only one crash on American soil that was worse than this one it was certainly “bad”.  According to the NTSB report the airline (co-pilot misused the rudder) was eventually blamed for the crash.   


     It was less than a week later that I received a visit from the Secret Service.  To this day, I still do not really know why I had attracted this unsettling attention.  After interviewing me for close to two hours, they apparently decided that I wasn’t a threat.  If they had, they would surely have taken me into custody.  Oddly enough, the night before the Secret Service came, I received the following message.


     They’re driving up the street.  They’re parking by the curb.  They’re walking up the

     sidewalk.  They’re coming up the stairs.  They’re knocking on the door.  It’s the

     Secret Service. 


This unfortunate attention put me into a precarious position.  I didn’t know what, if anything, I had been

suspected of.  I hadn’t done anything illegal or subversive even.  I had no idea why the Secret Service was investigating me.  In this age of the “Patriot Act”, I no longer felt comfortable attempting to warn anyone about possible future predictions.  I was concerned that I had been painted a lunatic and that I could end up being

sent to the loony bin for trying to help.  There is a popular saying that states the following, “just because you’re paranoid it doesn’t mean that they aren’t watching you.”  This became an apt description of my



     About one month later, on December 13, 2001, something occurred that would change the nature of the sessions from this point onward.  It became apparent that I had received an "upgrade" of sorts.  During the session that I did on that day, in addition to receiving the audio, I also began to receive visual, mental images. This occurred while listening to the wav files about the information in the text of the audio.  During the December 13, 2001 session I was informed by the EVP voices that a number of the spirits of the people who had been killed in the Lockerbie/Pan Am 103 bombing were hanging around the sending station on the other side. 


     According to the voice relaying the message, these spirits refused to leave there until they spoke to me.  The Lockerbie spirits told me that unless someone could stop it, there was going to be “another Lockerbie” on the anniversary of the Lockerbie/Pan Am 103 bombing.  This anniversary was coming up in just a few days on December 21st.  They described what would happen in a series of pictures, sounds, and smells.  They communicated the process of the plane breaking up in the sky, the sound of the pieces striking the ocean, the smell of jet fuel.  I could see this as if it was on a little TV screen in my head.  They talked about the confusion of the souls as they suddenly plummeted to the sea from 30+ thousand feet. 


     On December 18, 2001, feeling urgently compelled to tell someone about this, I emailed Dean Radin.  He is one of the directors of Noetic Sciences in Petaluma, CA.  Noetic Sciences is a think tank of scientists from diverse disciplines that study, so-called, borderland science phenomena.  He is purported to have previously worked with the CIA’s Remote Viewing program.  I was hoping that he had the connections necessary to warn the airlines.  After the Secret Service visit I was afraid to try to do this myself.  There were still three days left perhaps something could be done to stop it.  This is an excerpt from that email.


Dear Dr. Radin,

     For the last week the spirits have been talking a lot about the 21st, and the possibility of another event occurring on the anniversary of the Lockerbie incident.  Also, regarding the "new" Lockerbie, they described the breakup of the plane, the scattering of the bodies, and the confusion of the souls on board.  They said the same thing was going to happen to another airplane.  Then they told me that the souls from Lockerbie refused to leave until something was done.


Sandra Belanger, December 18, 2001


     On the morning of December 22, I woke up early and went up online in order to see if anything had happened that would seem to correspond to the event that they had described.  I was relieved to see that no trans-Atlantic jets had been blown out of the sky overnight.  I thought that it must have been some sort of mistake, or that maybe I was being played for a fool by the EVP voices.  Don't get me wrong, I was elated that the predicted event hadn't occurred.  Then, sometime during the afternoon of the 22nd, the news about Richard Reid, the Shoe Bomber, started to hit the cable news networks.  I was completely amazed when the cable news announced that he had actually attempted to board the flight the day before.  The day before was the 21st of December, the 13th anniversary of the Lockerbie/Pan Am 103 bombing!  He was detained by security personnel who were alerted to Reid’s suspicious behavior by fellow passengers waiting for the flight.  The security people eventually cleared him to board, but by that time the plane had already pushed back from the gate.  As a result, his trip was delayed by one day, until December 22nd. 


     I sometimes wonder if those passengers who were on that flight on the 21st of December, 2001, the flight that Richard Reid was not allowed to board, realize how close they came to leaving this world.  In the version that I was shown on December 13th, they all died when the plane exploded and disintegrated into tiny pieces over the Atlantic Ocean.  Far more information was gleaned from this event not happening than from any of the other previous, completely accurate predictions.  This allowed me to understand that big events can be changed by tiny nudges.  It showed me that the future is NOT carved in stone and that it can be altered.  It provided me with a tiny window, a keyhole if you will, which allowed for a brief peek into the very structure of reality. 


     In a point by point comparison, the similarities between the Shoe Bomber incident and the Lockerbie/Pan Am 103 disaster go far beyond the fact that they could have occurred on the same date.  For instance, both of the airlines were American flag carriers, Pan Am and American Airlines.  They were both trans-Atlantic flights flying from Europe to the U.S.  Both flights departed during the height of the Christmas transport season.  The terrorists in both cases were Islamic extremists, and in each situation it was proven to be a conspiracy.  The bombs were extremely similar, they were both secreted in everyday objects.  In the case of Pan Am 103 it was hidden in a boom box radio, and in the case of the Shoe Bomber the bomb material was incorporated into the linings of a pair of athletic shoes.  The explosive material, in both cases, was plastic explosives.  In the case of Pan Am 103 it was a material called Semtex, in the case of Richard Reid, a substance called TATP or Triacetone Triperoxide.  Pan Am 103 was diverted from its original course due to weather, otherwise it would have exploded over the Atlantic instead of over the village of Lockerbie, Scotland.  If Richard Reid had had the foresight to pick up a Bic lighter on the way to the airport, and if he had used that instead of attempting to use matches, American Airlines flight 63 would have disintegrated somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean. 


     The smell of the burning matches alerted passengers and flight attendants that something was seriously amiss.  In addition, it is my theory that the delay of one day had rendered the fuses contained in Mr. Reid’s shoes too damp to light.  During that extra day of wear his feet would have perspired causing this unanticipated problem.  It is my absolute, gut feeling that had Mr. Reid been allowed to board the flight that departed on December 21st, 2001, he would have been successful in his mission.  At the time, the correlation between the two incidents was so strong that whenever a story was broadcast on the news about the Shoe Bomber, they would show the photograph of the crushed cockpit section of Pan Am flight 103.



     On Christmas Day, 2001 I did a session to find out what, if anything, had happened behind the scenes from the “spirits” perspective.  During the session I was told by the beings at the sending station that, as fantastic as it may sound, several the Lockerbie souls were responsible for stopping the bombing of American Airlines flight 63.  According to what I was told, these souls went to the airport in Paris on December 21st and while there they planted thoughts in the minds of receptive passengers who were waiting to board American Airlines flight 63.  These thoughts planted a seed of doubt in the minds of these people about one of their fellow passengers, Richard Reid.  These passengers then went and expressed their concerns to the airport security personnel.  The security personnel then detained Richard Reid just long enough for the flight to depart without him.  I was also told that these souls then went on to assist flight attendants and passengers in detecting and detaining Mr. Reid on the next day’s flight. 


     Following this session I was left with a great deal of data to think about.  I came to realize the impact of the world of spirits on the world of the living.  I devised a formula to represent these machinations of reality.


Fate(+or-)Free Will(+or-)Random Chance(+or-)Spirit Intervention(+or-)Prayer = Reality


I also came to realize how similar time was to matter.  I began to view time as existing in three states in the same way that matter exists.  I viewed the past as a solid (fairly predictable and stable), the present as a liquid (flowing and malleable, conforming to the shape of the moment), and the future as a gas (volatile, changeable).  I began to see time as a river approaching a delta.  Looking behind to the past a person would see a single,

deep channel.  Looking forward to the future the river separates into myriad tributaries, each one representing a possible future outcome. 


     I never heard from Dean Radin or anyone else at Noetic Sciences following the remarkable prediction of the Shoe Bomber.  I began to become disheartened and wonder whether this amazing tool would ever be given the chance to help humankind.  Surely someone out there must be interested in impacting the human condition in a positive way.  As a result of my stress, exhaustion and disappointment, I took some time away from doing sessions.  Predicting the future, or waiting to see if the predictions would come true was extremely stressful.  I was trapped between wanting the work to be valid and not wanting the future events that they were telling me about to happen. 


     Since 2001 I have received numerous predictions, some have happened and some have not.  The thing is, the accurate predictions are so accurate and so intricately detailed that it is impossible to dismiss them.  The bottom line is that the future is constantly in flux, a condition that I have begun to call quantum flux.  As a result, it is simply impossible to be correct with every prediction.  So I keep them all, saved in my computer, and wait...



 Predictions about Wall Street



From:  Sandra Belanger

To:  Bryan

Sent: Monday, January 23, 2006 11:55 AM

Subject: Wall Street 

Hey Dude.  Now the spirits are predicting a 58% dip in Wallstreet.  I am assuming they are referring to the DOW.

This is a quote:

"You're going to see your country will fall.  Big dip!  I have a feeling Wallstreet is unsteady.  Heading for bear.  Wallstreet drops 58%.  Feel the sting."







From:  Sandra Belanger

To: Jeff Rense

Sent: Monday, January 23, 2006 12:00 PM

Subject: Hey Jeff

I got this message this morning.


"You're going to see your country will fall.  Big dip!  I have a feeling Wallstreet is unsteady.  Heading for bear.  Wallstreet drops 58%.  Feel the sting."


Hmmm.  I wonder what is going to set this off?  I am just guessing but I am assuming they are talking about the DOW or maybe it is just going to happen across the board.  I wonder who is doing put trades right now? And on what?



Sandra Belanger



Info on the DOW as of October 10, 2008




Last time I checked we were down more that 40% on the DOW.  I am assuming that the voices are predicting that the DOW will bottom out at a 58% decrease from whatever it was on January 23, 2006.